I have a hunger to relate to people where they are: raw, real, and in the moment.

I want others to know me in the same way. I think humanity has become, more and more, one big disconnect in our attempt to “network” or unify ourselves – as it were. But we are broken! However, there is One who came to restore us because He still sees us as beautiful, right where we are. He came to restore us back to Him, which doesn’t necessarily fix our brokenness like we think or hope, but rather He mends, heals, and restructures our hearts and lives. When we re-connect with Him, we can adapt and relate with others in a healthy, meaningful way and it is a beautiful thing. When I am connected to my source, I sing. I paint. I write poetry. I am a vessel of hope and healing for others; for the abused and lonely. When we are connected to The One Source of Life, there is hope for The Beautiful Broken!